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Big Data Business Intelligence for Network Operators

Purpose-built. Unprecedented visibility. No new hardware.


DeepField automatically and continuously identifies, tracks, and disambiguates the structure of all cloud-based services. We call it the Cloud Genome.


Within your network our big data platform analyzes and correlates telemetry from routers, switches, DNS, and more, decoding it with Cloud Genome.


The result: An unprecedented level of visibility into all facets of your network, empowering you to make the most informed decisions for your business.

Service Analytics

Gain insight into cloud costs and subscriber demographics using DeepField's Cloud Genome™ technology.

Cloud Mapping

Achieve amazing visibility into services and performance with our map of your cloud.

Big Data Platform

Cutting-edge Big Data technologies are in the DNA of every DeepField solution.

Get Deep Insights Into Costs & Subscribers.

Deep subscriber demographics and insights

Finally, you can understand your subscribers like never before. Identify demographics and usage patterns to optimize performance and cost, and discover new revenue opportunities.

Real-time Cloud Costs & Revenue Analytics

Unravel your network costs from the service to the subscriber level. With DeepField, you can break out of your backbone and interconnect costs by location, service, and subscriber, for a comprehensive picture of service profitability.

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Spend your time understanding your network,
not wrestling a spreadsheet.

Powerful, interactive visualizations

Clean and clear drilldown reports

Customizable dashboards

Mapping the structure of 10 Million sites and services with Cloud Genome technology.

DeepField ingests over 40 Terabits per second of network traffic from around the globe.

Ensuring performance and quality of service for more than 50 Million subscribers globally.

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“DeepField’s flagship product is patent-pending software that provides a “cloud genome” of a network, including all of the complex relationships and interdependencies…”

Amazon cloud accessed daily by a third of all ‘Net users

“Whether it’s Google, Microsoft or Amazon, the cloud services offered by these firms are becoming the Internet. The nature of what the Internet looks like is changing very quickly.”

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