What does Deepfield do?

Deepfield is real-time network performance analytics and security SaaS for communication service providers and large enterprises. Deepfield blocks security threats, improves network performance, and drives optimal configuration and control policies. Deployed across more than 100 terabits-per-second of network traffic and over one half of all U.S. Internet and public cloud traffic, Deepfield is the most scalable and robust big data solution in the market.

Deepfield is your security, performance, and control solution.

Why Deepfield?

Network Security and Analytics Pioneers

Our team pioneered large network analytics and carrier class security products fifteen years ago — trust us to build the next generation solution.

Proven, Real-time, Petabyte Scale

Need to scale to terabytes of network traffic? Tens of millions of subscribers? No Problem. Our big data engine is proven at scale — every conversation, every server and every customer in real-time.

SaaS or On-Prem

Finally, a cost-effective, virtual, security and analytics solution. Say goodbye to racks of specialized appliances in your data center.

Extensible, Dev-Ops Friendly Platform

A single platform to analyze and control all of your network elements in one place. Tie together dozens of hardware and software components in your network, using a single API for collection and control.

Security screenshot


Do you want DDoS stopped immediately?

Next generation DDoS attacks require your defense to be context aware, protecting services, CDNs, and sites – not just IP addresses. Deepfield Defender is the fastest, most flexible, and accurate DDoS solution in the market. Defender automatically combines many sources of real-time streaming datasets from your network to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks in seconds—not minutes—without annoying false positives.


Performance screenshot


Is your customer happy?

Deepfield is a scalable, virtual platform to monitor and analyze quality of performance across every subscriber, every server, and every session in global-scale networks. By leveraging existing network and data center infrastructure, Deepfield replaces racks full of taps, legacy probes and fan-spinning chassis to significantly reduce costs and eliminate location dependent monitoring.

Control screenshot


Ready to run your network from one place using all of your data?

Deepfield provides centralized control of your network and services. The flexible API connects the disparate pieces of your network and security infrastructure into a logical whole that can be controlled, managed, and analyzed from a single point. Stop thinking about IP addresses. Implement policy in real-time on markets, subscribers, applications, data centers and the things that actually make sense to your business.

Our Products

We have a range of products that can help you with your business and network needs. Take a look around or get in touch with us and we can find a solution to fit.

Cloud Intelligence

Cloud Intelligence

Understand quality of performance for network monitoring, infrastructure investment, and CDN and peering traffic analysis.

Singularity Data Engine

Singularity Data Engine

State-of-the-art big data in a box. Everything you need without the need for in-house staff or hidden additional costs.

Cloud Defender

Deepfield Defender

Security appliances that splice into a specific location in the network can no longer effectively handle security threats.

Let’s Get Started

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